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名称:oil field

oil field

Product requirements and challenges

Although the oil field has the network power supply, but the supply is extremely unusual, often because of the season and the bad weather or the line fault and so on the reason stops the electricity supply, the high security, the performance is stable, supports the oil field normal operation.

1, serial and parallel functions

Serial backup function: it can realize the automatic switching function between the city electricity and the diesel generator set with the ATS, or the double standby switching function between the two diesel generator sets.

Combined capacity expansion: two or more three-phase units with the same specifications and models, and meet the stability of parallel operation within the rated power range of (20-100)% under rated power factor. In order to improve the reasonable distribution accuracy and operation stability of active power and reactive power, it is required that the diesel engine governor in the unit has a steady speed regulation in the range of (2-5)%. The voltage regulating device in the control box (screen) can adjust the steady voltage regulation rate in the range of 5%.

2, working conditions

It can be operated at an altitude of less than 3000 meters;

The lower limit of the environmental temperature is -15C degrees, and the upper limit is 40C degrees. Other environmental units can be used.

3, stable performance, strong reliability

The average failure interval of the unit is not less than 2000 hours.

4, convenient refueling, water facilities and protective measures

The unit is equipped with an external refueling system and is equipped with a lock function;

A large tank is usually required to operate for 12-24 hours.


Generator performance stable, with low noise design, equipped with PLC-5220 control system with AMF function, and connected by ATS, to ensure that the oil in the main power supply once power, alternative power systems must be able to provide the power immediately.


• a full range of products, programs to provide, reducing the user's technical requirements, so that the use and maintenance of units easier and more simple;

The control system has the AMF function, can start automatically, and has automatic stop and alarm function under many monitoring;

• optional ATS, small units can be selected units built-in ATS;

• ultra low noise power generation to meet daily needs;

• stable performance, the average failure interval of the unit is not less than 2000 hours;

The unit is small in size and can be equipped with some devices to meet the requirements of cold areas and high temperature areas;

• special requirements for some customers can be customized, designed and developed.

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