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Product name:Monitoring type generator set

Monitoring type generator set

The monitoring type generator sets have three levels of monitoring: local, short-range and remote. The amount of special monitoring: three-phase voltage, power frequency, three-phase voltage three-phase oil machine, oil machine current, voltage and frequency of machine oil, unit capacity, engine coolant temperature, engine oil, diesel engine oil pressure, engine speed, battery voltage. It is especially powerful: it has the starting function of the city electric failure (city electricity, missing phase, over voltage, under voltage, over frequency, under frequency). The control panel adopts liquid crystal display, field keyboard operation, easy operation and maintenance. The host computer software has very friendly user interface and powerful management function. The control panel has a fault callback function. The performance index is better, and each performance index is superior to the post and telecommunications standards. All components adopt domestic and foreign famous brand manufacturers. Automatic starting: power failure (city power shortage, over voltage, under voltage, over frequency, under frequency) delay, starting unit. Automatic loading: when the unit is started successfully, the delay is reached. When the voltage, oil pressure and frequency are normal, the power supply is loaded. Automatic shutdown: when the city power is normal, the unit load down, the city power supply, the unit no-load operation for a period of time, automatic stop. Self locking function: when the unit is out of order, the automatic locking starting loop. Main standby function: when the main power supply system is out of power, the automatic standby system is started and the load is automatically loaded. Automatic protection: failure of three sets of starting, low oil pressure, high water temperature, over voltage, under voltage, overload, short circuit, overspeed, other faults (expandable). Return control: (distance and short range can be controlled) return threshold: fault delay starting time, warm-up time, cooling time, current transformer ratio, overload value (forecast, limit), overvoltage value (forecast, limit), undervoltage value (forecast, limit overspeed setting value (,) forecast, limit), pressure (forecast, limit), frequency (forecast, limit): telesignalling state power or load state, ATS switch state, faults, events, display.

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