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Product name:Automatic parallel generator set

Automatic parallel generator set

Automatic vehicle and system using quasi synchronization and machine, and machine operation sequence in each generation unit under the condition of the same, and for synchronous generators and device in automatic car automatically after adjustment to the unit frequency and voltage, the automatic tracking operation of the unit output voltage, frequency and phase angle, the three parts to the generators are equal or in error in the time synchronization and device automatically send car and car signal, will be the unit and car cast net parallel operation. Parallel machine error (parallel operation instantaneous) voltage: < 0.5% frequency: + + 0.2Hz phase angle: < 200 + larger than the above indicators, synchronous automatic locking device. Ensure the safety and reliability of the car. The utility model has the functions of manual, quasi synchronization and parallel vehicle function and automatic quasi synchronization and parallel operation, and realizes the synchronous and parallel generation of two or more generating sets, and the automatic connecting time is less than 60 seconds (two seconds). When the system is set in parallel operation mode, the system can automatically operate and operate according to the degree of load. The load is less than 80% of the total capacity of one or more units, and the delay is automatically solved. The load is greater than 85% of the total capacity of a single machine or a plurality of units, and the time delay of the withdrawal machine is automatically started and combined.

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