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Product name:Diesel generator set

Diesel generator set


The diesel generator set is novel in design and reasonable in structure. Open type diesel generator by the chassis plate bending or groove beam welded frame structure, high strength and good rigidity; 500KW diesel generator fuel tank base, meet the load operation rated for 8 hours;

500KW diesel generator sets with independent fuel tank, to meet the 8 hours rated load operation. Daokang open the main diesel generator by the diesel engine, generator and control system composed of three parts, diesel engine and generator has two connections, a flexible connection, by coupling the two parts are jointed together, the rigid connection of power machine steel connecting piece and is connected to the diesel engine flywheel with high strength bolts, after the diesel engine and the generator is connected are mounted on a common chassis with a variety of sensors, and then play a protective role, such as temperature sensor, through the sensors, directly to the operation state of the diesel engine is displayed to the operator, and the sensor, you can set a limit, or when to exceed this value when the control system will alarm in advance, this time if the operator did not take measures to control the system will automatically set off, diesel The generator sets itself in such a way. Sensor receiving and feedback information, truly display the data and execute protection function is the control system of diesel generator, the control panel is usually installed in the generator, called the knapsack type control panel, there is a part of the independent screen placed in the operating room, called the split control panel, control panel connected by cable and generators and sensors, respectively display electrical parameters and operation parameters of diesel engine.

Diesel generator according to function: ordinary type generator set, automatic generator set, monitoring type generator set, automatic switching generator set, automatic type generator set. According to the structure: open shelf type generator, box type generator set, mobile generator set. A generator can be divided into: box type rainproof box generator, low noise generator, ultra quiet generators, power plants, military shelter strengthening military power station. The mobile generator set can be divided into tow parts: trailer type diesel generator set and mobile diesel generator set.

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