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Product name:Gasoline generator set

Gasoline generator set

   Gasoline generator imported Kohler gasoline engine or engine with AVR far Penghu generator sets, the generation of reliable, safe and reliable performance, easy operation and simple maintenance. The unit speed is 3000rpm, and the cooling system is forced air cooling. The motor adopts brush AVR excitation. Adding damping winding can improve the parallel operation performance of generator, and can restrain generator transient overvoltage and rotor return voltage. The host stator provides excitation source for excitation magnetic field through AVR, and the AVR is a control device for regulating excitation field current. AVR feedback the voltage induced signals from the main stator windings, and adjust the rotor output power through the rotor magnetic field, so as to control the magnetic field current of the main motor. The AVR ensures high accuracy voltage regulation by sensing the average voltage of the two phases. To facilitate the movement of small units, each unit is equipped with 4 universal wheels.

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