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Main technical performance of diesel generator set

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1. basic parameters

As the use and maintenance personnel of diesel generating set, it is necessary to understand and master the main technical parameters of the unit. The main technical parameters of diesel generator set are as follows:

The rated power of P (kW) or S (kVA):P as the active power of the generator output (P= V 3IVcos, S phi) as the generator of apparent power (S= * 3IV).

Rated voltage V: generally marked with 400V/230V, that is, three-phase rated voltage of 400V, single-phase rated voltage of 230V.

The rated frequency f: GB stipulates that the power frequency unit is 50Hz, and the intermediate frequency unit is 400Hz.

Rated current I: refers to the generator stator winding allowing long time through the current size.

Rated power factor cos Phi: three-phase generator is 0.8 (lag), single-phase generator is 0.9 (lag) and 1.

The rated speed: n speed corresponding to the rated power of generator rotor. At present, the three-phase generator sets use more is 1500r/min, the single-phase generator sets generally use 3000r/min.

The rated excitation current Ir: AC generator at rated load conditions, the DC current through the excitation winding.

Rated excitation voltage Vf: refers to the DC voltage which is added to the excitation winding when rated excitation current is applied.

9 excitation mode: power supply from outside the generator excitation current, called He Li, from the generator itself is called self. He referred to as the excitation and self excitation. He encouraged and irritable and divided into combined two types; the self excitation mode is divided into convex pole type reverse magnetic field excitation, AC exciter excitation reactance, phase-shifting phase compound excitation, resonance type phase compound excitation, three harmonic excitation, thyristor excitation and other types of.

The reliability index of MTBF:GJB235A-1997 "" general specification for military communication mobile station law of diesel MTBF for 500h, 800H and 1000h.

2. generator unit performance index

(1) voltage setting range;

Voltage setting range refers to the range of the maximum and minimum voltage that can be reached by manual or automatic voltage regulator on the control panel when the generator is operated at rated speed without load. In general, the no-load voltage setting range is 95%~105% of the rated value.

(2) steady voltage regulation rate;

Steady state voltage regulation rate is the change rate of steady-state voltage of synchronous generator under all loads from no-load to rated load. It is expressed by delta U.

Mode: U is rated voltage or 95 rated voltage;

U1 is the average voltage of the three phase line voltage after the change of the load.

State technical requirements for I, class II and III of the power station is u= + (l~3)%, requirements for class IV power plant technology is less than 5 of the U.

Under normal conditions, the steady-state voltage regulation rate of synchronous generator under different load conditions is different. When the generator is added with inductive load, the steady voltage value of the load is lower than the no-load setting voltage. When the generator is loaded with capacitive load, the steady-state voltage is higher than the no-load steady voltage after load change. The no-load voltage setting bias depends on the size of the automatic voltage regulator (AVR) control ability, in general, voltage regulator for regulating the higher precision, deviation of no-load voltage setting is smaller, the steady-state voltage adjustment rate is small.

(3) transient voltage regulation rate;

Transient voltage regulation rate refers to the generator at no-load and speed and voltage reaches the rated value, the change rate of instantaneous voltage during sudden or sudden load, represented by sigma us.

Mode: U is rated voltage;

Us is the maximum or minimum value of the instantaneous voltage when the load is mutated. In general, the average value of the three phase line voltage is taken.

(4) voltage stability time

Voltage stability time refers to the time when the generator is in the no-load state and the voltage reaches the rated value. The time required from the sudden load to the voltage stability within the specified range is indicated by S. The voltage stability time of I, II and III power stations is 0.5~ls, and class IV power stations are 3s.

(5) voltage fluctuation rate

Voltage fluctuation is the degree of voltage fluctuation of synchronous generator when the load is constant. It is expressed by delta uB.

Mode: UBmax is the highest voltage when the load is constant;

UBmin is the minimum voltage when the load is constant.

UBmax and UBmin take the maximum voltage and minimum voltage between the same load and the same observation time.

(6) steady-state frequency regulation

The steady frequency regulation rate is the ratio of the difference between the frequency stability of the synchronous generator and the rated frequency before and after the load change, expressed in delta F.

Type: F rated frequency of synchronous generator;

F1 is the maximum or minimum of frequency stability when the load changes;

F2 is the frequency before the load changes.

(7) transient frequency regulation rate

Transient frequency regulation is a generator in a sudden or sudden load change, instantaneous frequency and load ratio difference and rated frequency changes before frequency, represented by FS.

Type: F is rated frequency;

Fo is a stable frequency sudden or sudden load before;

F1 is the maximum or minimum frequency of sudden or sudden load value.

(8) frequency fluctuation rate

Frequency fluctuation refers to the frequency fluctuation degree of a generator when the load is constant. It is expressed by delta fB.

Mode: fBmax is the highest frequency when the load is constant;

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