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Performance characteristics of Cummins diesel generator

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The Cummings generator introduces the performance characteristics of the Cummings generator:

(1) Cummins diesel generator set technical performance;

Cummins diesel generator set type: rotating magnetic field, single bearing, 4 pole, brushless, anti drip structure, insulation class H, in line with GB766, BS5000, IEC34-1 standard requirements. Generators can be used in sand, salt, sea water, and chemically corrosive environments.

Cummins diesel generator set, phase direction: A (U), B (V), C (W)

Stator: chute structure, 2/3 squat winding, will effectively suppress the waveform distortion of the neutral current and output voltage.

Rotor: it is dynamically balanced before assembly and connected directly to the engine by means of a flexible drive disk. Perfect damper windings reduce oscillations in parallel.

Cooling: direct drive Cummins diesel generator, centrifugal fan.

(two) basic characteristics of Cummins diesel generator set;

The low reactance design of the generator makes the waveform distortion of the non-linear load very small, and has good starting performance with the motor

Meet the standards: ISO8528, ISO3046, BS5514, GB/T2820-97

Common power: refers to the continuous running power under variable load conditions, allowing 1 hours of overload every 12 hours, 10%

Standby power: the continuous running power under varying load conditions in an emergency

The standard voltage is 380VAC-440VAC, and all rated power is 40

Cummins diesel generator set is rated H class

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