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Build Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao power enterprises fate community

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Southern news network in May 24 to 26, South Power Grid Corp party secretary, chairman Li Qingkui led a delegation to attend the seventh session held in Hongkong Guangdong electric power enterprise summit. Li Qingkui at the summit meeting on the proposal, Guangdong electric power enterprises will continue to improve the peak platform value and influence, stand in the development of a new starting point, to expand cooperation in more areas, a beautiful blueprint to jointly plan Guangdong electric power development and cooperation, to create a common destiny of Guangdong electric power enterprises, and make greater contribution to the promotion of Hong Kong and Macao the green social economic sustainable development. During his stay in Hong Kong, Li Qingkui also met with Michael Kadoorie, chairman of the board of directors of Hongkong CLP Holdings limited. Yang Jinbai, member of the Party group and deputy general manager of the company, participated in the above activities.

The seventh, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao power enterprises summit held by Hongkong CLP Holdings Limited, the theme of sustainable development began in the Asia pacific". Hongkong Electric Holdings Limited CEO Lan Lingzhi, Macao electric Limited by Share Ltd chairman Xu Kaicheng, Chinese Guangdong Nuclear Power Group Co., Ltd. chairman, party secretary He Yu attended the summit and delivered a speech, said the positive response "The Belt and Road" International Cooperation Summit Forum initiative, and make good use of the summit platform, to further strengthen the planning, deepen cooperation and mutual benefit. Common development and win-win. At the summit, the southern Power Grid Corp made a special speech on strengthening the network security cooperation between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao power enterprises, the progress of cooperation and the cooperation mechanism.

Li Qingkui praised the achievements since the summit held at the opening ceremony, briefly introduced the development strategy of the company as well as last year's operation and management, analysis of Guangdong electric power enterprises facing the development situation, and proposed the response "The Belt and Road" International Cooperation Forum initiative, adhering to the "to jointly build and share" purposes and "peace and cooperation, openness and tolerance, mutual learning, mutual benefit and win-win" spirit of the Silk Road, through the summit platform, to build a "peace, prosperity, openness, innovation, civilization Road for the development of Guangdong electric power enterprises. Peace building road, and further play their respective advantages, to ensure safe and stable operation of the power grid, and promote social harmony, protect the well-being of people's livelihood, good service, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao to build a world-class livable city group. To build the road to prosperity, leveraging each other, seek common development, strengthen cooperation in the development of Hong Kong and Macao Bay Area in the process, at the same time hold together the sea, to expand the international market, and constantly consolidate partnership. To build an open road, we will continue to strengthen the open cooperation of all parties, and constantly deepen the power trade cooperation between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, so as to provide more clean energy and electricity protection for the development of Hong Kong and macao. Road to build innovation, and constantly strengthen the energy interconnection, user interaction, information sharing, smart home and other smart grid development of all-round cooperation, to achieve innovation, sustainable development, and promote the construction of smart city. To build the road of civilization, establish a high-level communication mechanism, carry out different levels of exchange visits, achieved very good results, and constantly deepen the exchange mechanism, to further promote the development of enterprise culture collision and fusion.

Li Qingkui in his concluding remarks will further enhance the peak platform value and influence will continue to deepen, in the "The Belt and Road" International Cooperation Forum initiative cooperation proposals. First, in the face of rare historical opportunities, we should actively seek new starting points, further accelerate the pace of cooperation and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. The two is at the summit to build more management and technical exchange mechanism, established communication mechanism of network security this year, can expand to lean management, technological innovation and other more areas, promote common development. Three is to continuously enhance the value and influence of the summit, and help the social and economic development of Guangdong, Hong Kong and macao.

The summit also invited the government of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region "The Belt and Road" Office of the Commissioner and three industry experts, "The Belt and Road energy cooperation, the power industry market reform, electric power industry investment prospects and energy industry subversive innovation development issues such as the keynote speech, and interact with participants. Delegates also visited the Hongkong energy conversion community - T PARK, to understand the technology and practice of converting sludge into electricity.

The company office (Dangban, Dong Ban), planning department, marketing department (power department), International Department, information department, Guangdong Grid Co, Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau, South network international companies responsible persons attended the summit.

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